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Cosmos releases IBC 2024 roadmap: including scalability and availability

18/09 18:35
Odaily Planet Daily News According to official news, Cosmos released an introduction to the IBC 2024 roadmap, including the two topics of scalability and usability. The scalability goals include shortening the time required to natively implement IBC, reducing IBC maintenance costs, and enabling multiple blockchains to form IBC connections; the usability goals include improving and differentiating the developer experience for IBC users, and supporting building on top of IBC More advanced cross-chain workflow. It is reported that in the past 12 months, IBC has facilitated 52 million transfers on more than 100 chains, worth US$29 billion. According to previous news, the Interchain Foundation (ICF), a foundation that supports the development and ecological construction of the cross-chain project Cosmos, is formulating development and funding priorities for 2024 and formulating an Interchain Stack roadmap. The Interchain Foundation invites users to provide feedback until October 1st. The four strategic themes of the Interchain Stack roadmap include: 1. Increase modularity by generalizing software to more easily adapt to specific use cases; 2. Improve developer experience to make it easier to build with Interchain Stack; 3. Pay off technical debt so we can make progress faster; 4. Drive user adoption.