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Retool announces details of Fortress Trust $15 million theft case, Google Authenticator cloud synchronization is the main factor in the hack

18/09 16:02
Odaily Planet Daily News Retool announced the details of the $15 million theft case from Fortress Trust, and Google account cloud synchronization was the main factor in the hack. Snir Kodesh, director of engineering at Retool, said: "Google Authenticator cloud sync became an attack vector. We originally implemented multi-factor authentication, but because of a Google update, the previous multi-factor authentication quietly became (for administrators) single-factor authentication.” (The Hacker News) According to previous news, Web3 chartered trust company Fortress Trust had previously stolen 12 million to 15 million US dollars in cryptocurrency due to a hacking incident. The root cause was Retool, a third-party cloud service provider. Sources said the theft was the result of a phishing attack, prompting Fortress Trust to agree to sell the company to Ripple.