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Planet noon news

18/09 13:29
1. The 24-hour transaction volume of BTC/USDT in HashKey Exchange is only US$17,600; 2. Hong Kong police arrested JPEX promotion internet celebrity Lin Zuo on suspicion of the JPEX case; 3. Opinion: Europe is taking U.S. crypto market share; 4. The Arbitrum short-term incentive plan voting is completed, and 50 million ARB will be distributed before January 31, 2024; 5. Binance will upgrade the system of some Binance financial products; 6. In the past 24 hours, 9 addresses transferred a total of 231,000 TRB to Binance; 7. Framework Ventures proposes to use sales tax instead of lock-up; 8. 10,000 ETH are transferred from Stake.com and deposited into Binance; 9. Highstreet’s vested wallet will distribute the unlocked 2.03 million HIGH to 132 addresses; 10. Cool Cats will launch a new project SideKX. Users can use two Cool Pets to cast one SideKX; 11. Uniswap launches a proposal to “create a UNI-ARB Grant program and a protocol representative program”; 12. The cumulative trading volume of GMX V2 exceeds US$1 billion; 13. CryptoPunk #3609 was sold for 420 ETH.