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0GAS, the Revolutionary 0 End-user Gas Fees Ethereum-native DEX with faster transactions, Announces Crowdsale Round

0GAS DEX, the first gasless Ethereum-based decentralised exchange, recently announced a crowdsale to support the platform launch scheduled for Q4 2022. The fundraising campaign starting on (date) will comprise two rounds, each lasting two weeks. The 0GAS team aims to attract at least $176,000 (soft cap), with a hard cap levelled at $440,000.

The 0GAS platform is a groundbreaking Web.3 solution based on Skale – an Ethereum-native elastic blockchain network. Apart from zero gas fees, the Skale protocol empowers 0GAS DEX in terms of transaction speed and interoperability. The 0GAS solution is a painkiller for those tired of the constantly overloaded Ethereum chain, which always comes with high gas costs. It also cancels the annoying necessity of constantly holding enough ETH to confirm any ERC-20 transaction, and many issues like that.

While hassle-free zero-gas swaps between ERC-20 assets might be the cherry on top, the 0GAS DEX is fully equipped with many other killer features to delight both traders and token creators. In addition, the team intends to implement a gasless AirDrop tool, as well as creating a launchpad to bring startups and their early adopters together in a transparent, decentralised manner.

The ambitious roadmap announced by the 0GAS team demonstrates the next steps to be made from a product perspective. Along with a crowdsale campaign, Q3 2022 consists of a 0GAS token launch on Uniswap and ZEROGAS Dex plus a deep dive into the upcoming platform’s testing and audit. Q4 will not only be the end-product launch period, but also will be marked by cross-chain development of the existing DEX infrastructure.

When reached for comment, A.I, Founder of 0GAS DEX, expressed his enthusiasm about entering the market with a game-changing product. He assured of the product team’s capability to deliver the state-of-art solution in strict accordance with the timelines.

“We couldn’t be more excited to present 0GAS DEX. Millions of DeFi adopters around the globe were seeking the chance to redefine their experience of managing ERC-20 assets. Which is why we thought through the product we are offering – from the inception of the idea all the way to the UX-side – so that it’s now geared towards wide-set adoption among the Ethereum community. The 0GAS DEX team is proud to welcome early investors, and will put in every effort to make our ambitions come true.”

For more information on the terms and deadlines of the crowdsale campaign, please visit the 0GAS official website.

About 0GAS DEX

0GAS DEX is a revolutionary, Ethereum-native decentralised exchange allowing access to fast and secure swaps with zero gas fees. Built on a highly compatible Skale Network, 0GAS DEX aims to become a multi-chain platform over time, with other protocols to be introduced.

The long list of upcoming features includes 0GAS launchpad, crowdsale and AirDrop platforms, as well as stacking & LP options. Please check the 0GAS DEX official website for more details, and follow the project on social media.

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