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Music platform God Of Musician hot debut with the GMiner NFT mining

God Of Musician (G.O.M) introduces the largest music NFT DeFi community in the world. Musicians are allowed to upload their music files to unveil their talents. The files would turn into NFTs which will bring the direct incomes. G.O.M will introduce a new financial model that combines Music Web 3.0, Metaverse and Cryptocurrency.

You may meet our project in August. Currently, the platform has begun with the new mining mechanism of GMiner NFT. The GOM tokens can only be produced by GMiner NFT at the moment, and those tokens can be mined independently. The faster you mine, the higher your profits. You will enjoy the returns in the near future.

The airdrop event is ongoing as an ice-breaking from the beginning of July. Surprisingly, almost 300,000 people were attracted. Follow our official Twitter account and we will keep you up to date with upcoming events.

G.O.M is preparing to take off for the global music NFT market

Crypto has gradually become a hot keyword, from blockchain infrastructure to DeFi and NFTs. It has a great impact on celebrities, brand collaborations, soaring NFT prices, and the turnover of the NFT market. The size of the NFT market is showing remarkable growth with a market value of over $10 billion. Especially, the huge potential of the music NFT market has not yet been exploited.

G.O.M Positioning – It established the largest music NFT DeFi community in the world. It allows musicians to have profit opportunities by making the music NFTs. This will be the chance for the minor musicians to get into the major league when we financially support them. This is also the most important factor because it can possibly change the previous music industry. ‘God of Musician’ would bring big changes in the music market.

Realizing G.O.M’s ideal with the GMiner

G.O.M has established a full-chain music streaming and trading platform with a new economic model for decentralized finance!

GMiner NFT holders are given independent mining rights for GOM tokens at the earlier stage. GMiner is divided into three levels. Beginner, expert, and professional, depending on their stamina. Each stamina is able to mine 1 GOM token per day. The professional grade will only issue a maximum of 2,000. Its daily mining quantity is 200,000 GOM at most. We are currently offering you a massive 50% discount on GMiner for a limited time as an ice-breaking. GMiner is also the only way to generate GOM tokens at the moment. The sooner you get GMiner NFTs, the more profits you will gain.

At the same time, GMiner NFT holders will be able to vote on the largest music NFT DeFi community. You are promised the continuous growth of the community as well as the profits. This will allow GOM tokens to be used for mining through music staking in the future. Therefore, the GMiner NFT is an enormous and confident investment tool.

Introducing our team member: music geek professors’ “ideal” – Music Web 3.0 innovation

The team consists of eight people, except for CEO Dong Seok Yu and technical advisor Jae Hwan Lee, all other six are music professors. They are currently working at world-renowned schools like Berkeley and other major international music organizations. They performed with popular musicians such as Lalah Hatherway and Paula Cole. Some of them got the Seoul Asia International Music Awards, and have been in the music realm for decades now.

We wish to gather a variety of musicians from all over the world. So that we could connect everyone with the G.O.M Web3.0 DAO community. This will lead to building the fairest music community. All of the community members will have the right to vote, conduct any music activity, and even lead the future ecological development direction of G.O.M.


Web:www.godmusician.com(launched in August)
Email:[email protected]
Twitter: @musician_god




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