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MyFunding.Network: The Next-Gen Advancement in Automated Crypto Trading with 1.5% Daily ROI

There is no denying that automated trading has emerged as a profitable trend and is seen as a catalyst for constant growth. It possesses significant value, and certainly, this innovation in the trading field is here to stay.

MyFunding.Network is a decentralized application that facilitates a higher level of automated crypto trading while allowing maximum flexibility and definitive consistency. The platform makes use of technical analysis and strategies that are provided by pro traders that hold the potential to generate highly profitable trades.

The open-source smart contract is built on the Binance Smart Chain and comes with exciting rewards for users, such as the 5 Level Referral Program.

Talking about the rewards the platform offers to the investors, the dApp has quite a lot of intriguing rewards and referral programs. For example, the investors will be offered a daily return on investment of 1.5% and an APY of 547% on their investments.

Everything You Need to Know About the MyFunding.Network Project

MyFunding.Network is your one-stop destination if you are looking to make impressive returns from your investments in the crypto market. The bot constantly works to place the best trades amid market fluctuations to generate maximum profit.

The advanced trading bot runs day and night seamlessly to ensure that the pool of funds grows consistently. Following the creation of the automated bot on March 24, 2022, the project hasn’t stopped and is expanding notably.

To ensure that the users get a stable passive income and make the whole process of AI trading reliable, the team behind MyFunding.Network has done a lot of testing. It has continued for months so that steady income flow doesn’t halt. Be it a bear market or a bull run, the bot doesn’t stop making money. Though the team hasn’t revealed the source code for security purposes and to avoid cloning, they use a library called CCXT.

The python bots associated with the dApp utilize the well-established open source public library with multiple exchange integration. Alongside this, a trading balancer wallet is utilized too for transferring funds to the exchanges and withdrawing profits to load the smart contract.

Currently, the total number of BNB coins invested in the platform is 489 BNB, which is equivalent to 122,121 USD. The number of investors has grown to 284, with 680 being the total number of deposits.

MyFunding.Network has always been committed to the cause of building user-friendly blockchain tools. If you are interested in achieving financial freedom through cryptocurrencies, then MyFunding.Network will serve as the most appropriate launching pad for you.

What about the Returns and Referrals?

Generating profits from your investments and earning significant returns is very simple and convenient with MyFunding.Network.

MyFunding.Network can offer you an APY of 547%, which means you will be earning a solid return of 1.5% daily on your investments. The users just need to deposit BNB in the pool, and the automated bot will take care of the rest. It will invest the funds in the most profitable trades over time to obtain the most returns.

For Referral Program in MyFunding.Network, you first need to make a deposit. Once you have made your first deposit, you will have your custom referral address on the dashboard, and you can share this referral code with your friends.

Once a new user makes a deposit using your personal referral link, the contract will facilitate the addition of a BNB value equivalent to 5% of the total deposit made. In addition, you will receive referral rewards up to 11.5% that will be added to your profits.

The referral rewards are categorized into five levels.

  1. First Level – 5% Referral Rewards
  2. Second Level – 3% Referral Rewards
  3. Third Level – 2% Referral Rewards
  4. Fourth Level – 1% Referral Rewards
  5. Fifth Level – 0.5% Referral Rewards

How to Get Started?

To begin trading on the platform, all you need as a trader is a crypto wallet such as MetaMask or Trust Wallet. If you have one, you are good to go with the next step, which is to add the Binance Smart Chain to your network list.

Now, you can purchase BNB as much as you want as you will require it for beginning the automated trade. What’s the best part of trading on the MyFunding.Network? It does not set any limitations related to the minimum deposits. You can start with as low investments as you want and can start earning returns on that right away.

Congratulations, you are all set to build a passive income stream from your investment on the trading platform. MyFunding.Network is surely an excellent platform dedicated to serving users with profitable returns amid highly fluctuating crypto market conditions.




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