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From BitPay To Remuno, Which Crypto Payment Processor Is Best For Your Small Business?

The internet has done incredible things for small business owners.

With better access to website building tools and hosting platforms, small business owners have never before had such wide access to clientele. This has only been perpetuated by services like Apple Pay and PayPal, which allow for international payments to be made and transferred in seconds.

However, with developments from Web3 calling for decentralisation and the adoption of cryptocurrency, small business owners may be beginning to worry about where their business will stand in this upcoming digital age.

This is where crypto payment processors like Remuno and BitPay come in, with payment solutions to allow small businesses to facilitate crypto payments.

But which is best for your business?

BitPay Paves The Crypto Payment Way

BitPay is one of the largest and most successful crypto payment processors on the market. Many huge corporations, from Microsoft to Twitch, use the system, with its clientele proving the efficiency and trustworthiness of the platform.

For small business owners, however, having big brand names attached to the project may not necessarily mean that BitPay is right for them. However, what these brands do mean is that the platform has infrastructure.

The platform is incredibly secure and boasts quick transaction times, cheap transaction rates, and impressive scalability due to the massive range of crypto tokens and fiat currencies BitPay can process.

BitPays scale has also given it the unique opportunity to be used in person, with the technology capable of being downloaded to smartphones and tablets. This means that for small businesses using a storefront, like a tattoo parlour or a restaurant, they too can get involved with crypto payment.


This all combines to make BitPay a particularly appealing option, and one worth researching for small businesses needing to meet specific criteria.

Remuno Makes Crypto Payment Solutions As Easy As 1-2-3

Unlike BitPay, Remuno is a far newer crypto payment processor entering the market. Despite this, however, the company is already shaping up to give other crypto payment processors a run for their money, due to their innovative platform and understanding of the needs of business owners.

Remuno understands business owners because it was built by business world insiders. Remuno CEO Barry Laden has over twenty years of experience in fashion retail and wholesales, and understands that giving customers choice in how they pay can help in maximising profits. As such, integrating crypto as Web3 continues developing is the next logical step.

However, Remuno also understands that, for outsiders, integrating crypto into their business can be daunting. This may especially be the case for small businesses, as a smaller team makes it less likely that they will have a technical team to hand.

This is where Remuno’s three-step integration process comes in.

Firstly, to gain access to the Remuno Application Programming Interface (API), the team must be contacted by the business directly, in order to set up an account. For small business owners, this direct line of communication means that questions can easily be asked, and any fears can be easily quelled.

There is a reassurance in human interaction, and for small business owners dipping their toes into crypto for the first time, this reassurance is essential.

After an account is set up, the business can then select and set up their integration tool, with the API currently available, and website plug-ins becoming available soon. After this, all that needs to be done is to add the ‘Checkout In Crypto’ button to checkout, and the process is complete!

Simplicity and clear communication make Remuno an ideal crypto payment processor for small business owners looking to adapt to the upcoming Web3 Internet.

Therefore, for your small business, Remuno is certainly worth researching.

To find out more about Remuno, check out their website.

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