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Do you understand the deep meaning behind the illustrations on the Ethereum official website?

By @SalomonCrypto

Source: Twitter

I don’t know if you have noticed the latest illustrations used on the official website of Ethereum. These futuristic illustrations are co-created by artists Liam Cobb, William Tempest, Viktor Hachmang and Patrick Atkins, providing Ethereum supporters with a wealth of Imagine, showing the grand narrative of Ethereum.

Next, let us follow these illustrations and analyze the possible hidden meaning behind them.


The protagonist of the story is the huge "spaceship" of Ethereum.

At the heart of Ethereum Spaceship is the mainnet. The mainnet consists of block producers (yellow) and the blockchain itself (gray). The production, consensus process, and development process of the mainnet all take place here.


Ethereum Spaceship has already started preparing to upgrade from PoW’s Fuel Engine to PoS Ion Engine. This will be a significant leap that will require more time and support.

At the end of 2020, the Beacon Chain booster rocket was unveiled. Launched in December 2020, the Beacon Chain will merge with the mainnet in a process known as "The Merge," which will mark the retirement of Ethereum's proof-of-work and a complete transition to proof-of-stake.


While the Beacon Chain Booster isn’t on Ethereum Ship right now, we’re pretty close.

The outer ring construction of L2 and rollup is well underway. Although currently unstable and vulnerable, a network of bridges allows personnel and assets to pass through the ship's superstructure.


What is the ultimate form of the Ethereum spaceship? We seem to have gotten a glimpse of it. What will life be like for those who call the Ethereum spaceship "home"?


Life in an Ethereum spaceship revolves around Decentralized Autonomous Organizations (DAOs). DAOs are small, dedicated democratic groups that rely on the collective will of their participants expressed through voting. In other words, everyone in the DAO organization has the right to collectively vote on every decision of the organization without relying on centralized governance.

Although the current DAO is still very young and a little chaotic, the potential is obvious.


When the technology of Ethereum Spaceship matures, it will form an advanced comprehensive business. DAO organizations like Chainlink, Uniswap, etc. will combine their products to create new solutions that are more powerful than the sum of their parts.

It is also around this time that decentralized finance (De-Fi) cities are on the rise.


We are already seeing organic NFT settlements in the first cities dedicated to De-Fi. The community on the Ethereum spaceship lives, works, sleeps, and loves together to create a better future together.

Give it a little more time, and the future may be even more exciting.


What happened to ethereum spaceships? Of course, it's still not done. In this illustration, you can see an engineer working on sharding.

As we continue to breathe life into the ship, the core developers will also continue to maintain, protect, and upgrade the ship—because it's our shared home.


These illustrations undoubtedly enrich our imagination and show us the great future of Ethereum. And back to reality, look at the world around you. The looming economic disaster and the turbulent political situation in the world reflect the dark side of this era. But don't forget, too, when you lose hope, remember to look up at the ethereum ship, the everlasting light.

Because we are always building.

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