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How to arrange a secure insurance for investments: Syndiqate project has an answer to major crypto-investors’ concern

Cryptocurrency is currently one of the youngest and most actively developing types of alternative investments. The interest of investors from all over the world in this digital asset is associated with the possibility of making super profits, which, in turn, is associated with a high level of risk. Most crypto-investors have undoubtedly got a high risk tolerance. However, who hasn’t wondered, “How can I protect my investments?”

How do crypto investors protect their assets today?

The answer seems obvious: any even slightly experienced investor would definitely think of hedging or insurance for their assets. However, don’t jump to conclusions. It’s not that simple in terms of digital assets. Until now, one of the main methods of covering losses among cryptocurrency investors has been hedging – a rather complicated mechanism that requires serious technical analysis and market knowledge. Therefore, not everyone resorted to it. As for the insurance, most of the existing insurance companies cover technological risks associated with the operation of exchanges or wallets, or hacking attacks. In relation to volatility risks, no one has undertaken to cover them until now.

Syndiqate comes to rescue

Taking into account the existing difficulties, the Syndiqate project founders decided to create a simple and convenient product that will meet all the challenges of today’s crypto-investment insurance market realities. It is worth noting that the project team consists of financial and insurance market specialists, highly experienced in the classic insurance market. As such, they certainly know their business. In this regard, the team set the goal to create an advanced instrument of unique p2p insurance based on blockchain technology.

The project and its key features

More specifically, Syndiqate is a project that brings together private investors in the world’s first club-based crypto insurance community with the aim to create a unique insurance tool.  The community model applies the Islamic insurance principle (Takaful). Syndiqate is developing an insurance product that will integrate business processes and technologies into the first ever algorithmic insurance policy payable on demand. Syndiqate member investors need to pay an insurance premium, which will later help the project support its users in case of an investment “failure” if the insured asset value diminishes. The project is based on the idea of providing a constant safety net, namely, the support to investors  along their entire investment path. Thus, Syndiqate will offer its users unique insurance products built on a multi-platform and micro-service software and hardware suite, using blockchain, smart contracts and NFT technologies, under a single platform.

Why join Syndiqate now?

The project roadmap assumes expansion of its infrastructure in the future. As well, the project will maintain its own system of mutual settlements between members within the platform. For this purpose, the SQAT token has been issued. Right now it is offered at the best price of 10 cents per token in the ongoing Syndiqate Seed round. The token price will double at the next stage and will triple at IDO. Besides, the token will be accepted as payment method for insurance products at the  project commencement, and its value will comprise 6 times of the Seed round price. Join Syndiqate community today and protect your investment for the future!

All about $SQAT, the native token on Syndiqate

$SQAT will be the native token on Syndiqate, which will help facilitate transactions on the platform. It will be used for both paying the club fees and returning the amount in case the insured event occurs.

The total supply of $SQAT is capped at 1 billion tokens, of which 5% would be available to investors during the various sales, 20% – to the team and advisors, 20% – to ETN issue, and 1% will be reserved for marketing, along with another 54% kept for Company and Service Development, and Stabilization Fund. The tokenomics for $SQAT have been drafted after an intricate analysis of the market, the performance of projects and cryptocurrencies that it will offer protection to, and the future market projections.

Syndiqate is hosting the Seed Round for the $SQAT token from 9 July to 18 July 2022, where 1 $SQAT would be sold at $0.1, and the minimum and maximum purchase limit is restricted to $100 (1000 $SQAT) and $50,000 (500,000 $SQAT) respectively. Invest in $SQAT early for the best price before the value shoots through the roof after the token is listed on exchanges in the coming months. Within first three months of the official project launch, SQAT token will be accepted by the project at the rate of not less than $0.6 per token.

Syndiqate works on a straightforward and effective concept that has repeatedly proven to protect the  assets in the “classic” insurance world. And with it making an entry into the crypto industry, touted to be the riskiest of all, things sure look bright for investors. So, if you haven’t already, go ahead and protect your crypto assets against both scams and market volatility!

To find out more about Syndiqate and identify if your investments or project can be protected, visit the official website: https://syndiqate.io/

Also, follow Syndiqate on all available social channels to stay updated with the recent developments and token sales.

Twitter: https://twitter.com/SyndiqateInfo
Telegram: https://t.me/syndiqate_chat
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Syndiqate
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/syndiqate/
Medium: https://medium.com/@Syndiqate
Discord: https://discord.gg/mAtRPMwB


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