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Key Witnesses to Testify Against Sam Bankman-Fried

Nearly a year has passed since the dramatic collapse of the global cryptocurrency exchange FTX, an event that led to the loss of credibility for its founder and former CEO, Sam Bankman-Fried (SBF).

This week marks SBF's attempt to persuade a jury of his peers that he merits a chance at regaining his freedom, with the trial starting today.

However, before we delve into his defense, we are poised to hear from a cadre of his once-closest friends.

Over the course of this six-week trial, prosecutors will scrutinise testimonies, internal documents, emails, and a substantial trove of evidence that promises to cast fresh illumination on the allegations surrounding the crypto exchange's purported misappropriation of billions in customer funds.

Notably, some of the most compelling evidence is expected to emerge from the testimonies of individuals aligned with the prosecution — individuals who were formerly considered SBF's confidants and allies.

Among these witnesses are former colleagues and friends of SBF who have entered into plea agreements with the United States (US) Department of Justice (DOJ).

This list includes his former romantic partner, Caroline Ellison, and childhood friend Gary Wang, both of whom played significant roles in the daily operations of FTX and its quantitative trading entity, Alameda Research.

Additionally, two other individuals, yet to be publicly identified, may potentially testify if granted immunity, implying their association with the exchange.

Furthermore, the DOJ has revealed its intention to call upon former FTX customers from various parts of the world and investors as witnesses during the trial.

Who Will/Might Testify Against SBF?

Caroline Ellison

Caroline Ellison's previous role as the head of Alameda Research, the crypto hedge fund intricately linked with FTX, positions her as a crucial source of insight into the interplay between the two entities and the extent of FTT holdings, as indicated by court documents.

Adding a layer of intrigue, she shared a personal relationship with the founder of FTX, making her privy to the inner workings of the exchange — an aspect that is particularly noteworthy.

Caroline occupies a unique vantage point within the ranks of FTX insiders.

She not only possessed a comprehensive understanding of the inner dynamics of the exchange but also had a constant presence in SBF's professional and personal life, serving as both a professional collaborator and a romantic partner.

This dual perspective grants her an ability to shed light on SBF's business ethics and personal character.

Nishad Singh

Nishad Singh's journey with Alameda Research traces back to its nascent stage, when the trading firm operated out of a modest apartment in Berkeley, California, comprising just five team members.

Within Alameda, Nishad held the position of Director of Engineering and, mirroring Caroline's experience, shared living arrangements with SBF in a sprawling 10-person luxury penthouse located in the Bahamas.

He played a pivotal role, as one of three individuals entrusted with the keys to FTX's matching engine — an integral component responsible for processing buy and sell orders.

This access conferred the ability to facilitate fund movements with unrestricted discretion.

Additionally, Nishad possessed knowledge concerning the exchange's practice of lending customer funds to Alameda.

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Gary Wang

Gary Wang served as a co-founder for Alameda Research and FTX and held the crucial role of Chief Technology Officer.

Beyond his professional roles, he shares a longstanding personal connection with SBF, from their shared experiences as high school companions at a math camp to college roommates at MIT.

Notably, Gary was among the ten individuals sharing accommodations in the Nassau penthouse, which also served as SBF's residence.

The Commodities and Trading Commission (CFTC) has alleged that he "allowed Alameda to maintain an essentially unlimited line of credit on FTX."

Andria van der Merwe

Andria van der Merwe, an economist renowned for her proficiency in conducting intricate regulatory inquiries within financial markets, is a featured expert in the field.

With a focus on financial regulation and market risk assessment, her potential testimony holds the promise of shedding light on the purported machinations of SBF and his inner circle, who are alleged to have conspired to breach federal securities and commodities laws.

Moreover, Andria's insights may extend to the broader implications of FTX's collapse on the financial markets at large.

Peter Easton

Professor Peter Easton, an academic from the University of Notre Dame, assumes a role in the ongoing legal proceedings.

His anticipated testimony promises an exploration of the financial intricacies underlying Alameda Research and FTX.

Notably, he will delve into the Alameda balance sheet, an element that catalysed the unravelling of SBF's once multi-billion-dollar cryptocurrency empire, as asserted by prosecutors.

His expertise is poised to illuminate the dynamics of customer fund management, providing critical insights into the alignment (or divergence) between balances recorded in actual bank accounts and those documented within FTX's internal ledgers.

Who Are The Defense Witnesses?

Thomas Bishop

Thomas Bishop, a corporate consultant renowned for his expertise in forensic investigations and accounting matters, emerges as another key figure in the unfolding legal proceedings.

While the court disclosure maintains a degree of secrecy surrounding the specifics of his forthcoming testimony, it alludes to his potential role in providing invaluable insights into the "calculations of financial figures and metrics" pertaining to FTX and Alameda.

Notably, his analytical lens will be applied to data drawn from publicly available documents and records, encompassing essential elements such as balance sheets for Alameda, among others.

Of particular note is the defense's intention to summon Thomas as a witness, underscoring their preparedness to engage in a robust legal defense.

Brian Kim

Brian Kim, an expert in data analytics and forensics, emerges as a potential witness whose testimony holds significant relevance.

His potential appearance on the stand raises the prospect of shedding light on the internal communications between SBF and his employees within the FTX ecosystem, including its affiliated entities.

If called upon, his testimony is anticipated to provide insights into the "content, metadata, and file paths" associated with Slack data and Google documents.

These records are alleged to hold evidence that suggests SBF issued instructions to his employees for the purpose of erasing traces of his companies' alleged fraudulent activities.

The data under scrutiny encompasses crucial elements, including fields that detail document and message authors, custodians, and viewers, in addition to comprehensive information regarding content creation, modification, viewing, saving, and deletion dates, as outlined in court filings.

Joseph Pimbley

Joseph Pimbley's potential testimony holds the promise of shedding light on crucial aspects of FTX's software infrastructure due to his role as a financial consultant renowned for his expertise in financial risk management.

Specifically, he may provide insights into the deficiencies within the platform's reporting mechanisms, as well as the shortcomings in testing and quality assurance procedures concerning data integrity and code.

Importantly, these nuances are believed to have been imperceptible to external users, including SBF, and would not have been easily discerned.

The defense's intention to summon Joseph as a witness underscores their strategic approach in presenting a counterpoint to the testimonies of Gary and Nishad.

Andrew Di Wu

Andrew Di Wu's testimony is expected to provide the jury with a comprehensive overview of the intricate workings of cryptocurrency exchanges, underpinned by blockchain technologies due to his role as a professor specialising in finance and technology at the University of Michigan.

As part of his expert analysis, he may elucidate the distinctive complexities inherent in the operation of centralised cryptocurrency exchanges, with a particular focus on those conducting cross-border activities.

Furthermore, his testimony may encompass a deep dive into the challenges associated with processing transactions involving a multitude of fiat and cryptocurrency assets.

Of noteworthy significance is the defense's intention to call upon Andrew as a witness in response to the testimony provided by an FBI agent representing the prosecution.

What Will Happen To SBF In The Meantime?

Throughout this duration, SBF will continue to be housed in the Metropolitan Detention Centre located in Brooklyn.

His presence at this facility has been in place since 11 August, when Judge Lewis Kaplan revoked his bail, citing concerns related to SBF's alleged attempts to intimidate witnesses involved in the case.

In the event that SBF is ultimately convicted on all the criminal counts brought against him and is subjected to the maximum allowable sentence, he would potentially be confronted with the prospect of a lengthy prison term spanning 110 years.

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