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About WTRX

Wrapped TRON (WTRX) is a cryptocurrency launched in 2017. WTRX has a current supply of 87.42Bn with 87.42Bn in circulation. The last known price of WTRX is 0.116942447701 USD and is 0.002121106238 over the last 24 hours. It is currently trading on active market(s) with $1.49M traded over the last 24 hours. More information can be found at https://tron.network/.

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WTRX Price Statistics
WTRX’s Price Today
24h Price Change
24h Volume
24h Low / 24h High
$0.0794303 / $0.08026932
Volume / Market Cap
Market Dominance
Market Rank
WTRX Market Cap
Market Cap
Fully Diluted Market Cap
WTRX Price History
7d Low / 7d High
$0.0769553 / $0.08217117
All-Time High
$0.09079283Jun 01, 2022
All-Time Low
$0.04579325Nov 14, 2022
WTRX Supply
Circulating Supply
Total Supply
Max Supply
Updated Jun 19, 2024 5:50 pm
Wrapped TRON
Mkt Cap $10.22Bn
There's nothing here for now
UXLINK Releases Token Airdrop Rules and Further Solicits Community Opinions
UXLINK Releases Token Airdrop Rules and Further Solicits Community Opinions
According to UXLINK's disclosure on the official X platform and Telegram group, based on the opinions and feedback of the community, the main rules of its token airdrop rules are as follows: UXLINK has always adopted a three-step measure to prevent low-quality accounts/wallet addresses, and the last step is before the airdrop. At the same time, it will also open a self-surrender and appeal channel for unqualified addresses to maintain smooth communication with the community. The airdrop rules show that the community contribution score, professional third-party score and exchange certification will be used as the main evaluation criteria. It will also fully consider the needs of users with large contributions but low scores and users in countries and regions that UXLINK cannot serve, and adopt extensions, repurchases and other methods to meet the interests of contributors. According to the airdrop rules, UXLINK will take out a part of the project's profits and airdrop them to community contributors, who can receive them without UXUY points. This part of the reward will be openly, equally and evenly distributed to addresses that contribute to the UXLINK community. According to the community leader, "There are more than 6 million holders on the UXLINK chain, and it is initially expected that 1.5-3.0 million addresses will be airdropped. Due to the huge scale involved, we are also very cautious and are seeking community opinions."
Jun 19, 2024 5:48 pm

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is Wrapped TRON?

    Wrapped TRON (WTRX) is a derivative of TRON. It is used widely in many decentralized finance (DeFi) applications for different use cases, such as providing liquidity, token swaps, margin trading and others.

    WTRX is a wrapped token that represents TRON (TRX) on the Ethereum network. Wrapped tokens are tokens that are pegged to another asset at a 1:1 ratio. They allow users to access different blockchains and ecosystems without having to convert their original tokens. For example, if you want to use TRX on Ethereum-based DeFi platforms, you can wrap your TRX into WTRX and use it as an ERC-20 token. This way, you can enjoy the benefits of both networks without losing exposure to your original asset.

    Tron’s vision is to bridge the gap between TRON and Ethereum and to enable more liquidity, interoperability and innovation in the DeFi space. WTRX aims to provide users with a seamless and secure way to access various DeFi protocols and services across different blockchains.

    The company’s roadmap includes expanding its support for more blockchains and platforms, such as BNB Chain, Polygon, Solana and others. It also plans to launch more products and features, such as lending, borrowing, yield farming, governance and more.

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  • How Does Wrapped TRON Work?

    To wrap TRX into WTRX, users need to deposit their TRX into a smart contract that acts as a custodian. The smart contract then mints an equivalent amount of WTRX on the Ethereum network and sends it to the user’s wallet. To unwrap WTRX back into TRX, users need to burn their WTRX tokens on the Ethereum network and receive their TRX tokens back from the smart contract on the TRON network.

    Some of the advantages of using wrapped tokens include: accessing different blockchains without having to deal with multiple wallets or exchanges; reducing transaction fees or waiting times by using faster or cheaper networks; enhancing portfolio diversification by exploring new opportunities or markets; increasing liquidity by unlocking more trading pairs or pools.

    Some of the disadvantages of using wrapped tokens include: relying on third-party custodians or intermediaries who may be vulnerable to hacks or frauds; losing some functionality or features that are native to the original network; facing regulatory uncertainty or compliance issues due to cross-border transactions.

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  • What Makes Wrapped TRON Unique?

    WTRX is pegged to the price of TRX, which means one WTRX is always worth one TRX. This ensures that there is no arbitrage or price discrepancy between the two tokens. It enables TRX holders to participate in DeFi functionality, such as lending, borrowing, staking, swapping and yield farming.

    WTRX also allows TRX holders to enjoy the benefits of other blockchains, such as faster transactions, lower fees, higher scalability and more interoperability. This enhances the user experience and expands the possibilities for innovation and collaboration.

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  • Where Can You Buy Wrapped Tron (WTRX)?

    If you’d like to buy WTRX at the current rate, you can trade WTRX on Sunswap V2.

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  • What is the all-time high price of Wrapped TRON (WTRX)?

    The all-time high of WTRX was 0.09079283 USD on 2022-06-01, from which the coin is now down -28.801412733802874%. The all-time high price of Wrapped TRON (WTRX) is 0.09079283. The current price of WTRX is down -28.801412733802874% from its all-time high.

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  • How much Wrapped TRON (WTRX) is there in circulation?

    As of , there is currently 87.42Bn WTRX in circulation. WTRX has a maximum supply of 0.

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  • What is the market cap of Wrapped TRON (WTRX)?

    The current market cap of WTRX is 10.22Bn. It is calculated by multiplying the current supply of WTRX by its real-time market price of 0.116942447701.

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  • What is the all-time low price of Wrapped TRON (WTRX)?

    The all-time low of WTRX was 0.04579325 , from which the coin is now up 155.37049172312513%. The all-time low price of Wrapped TRON (WTRX) is 0.04579325. The current price of WTRX is up 155.37049172312513% from its all-time low.

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  • Is Wrapped TRON (WTRX) a good investment?

    Wrapped TRON (WTRX) has a market capitalization of $10.22Bn and is ranked #16 on CoinMarketCap. The cryptocurrency market can be highly volatile, so be sure to do your own research (DYOR) and assess your risk tolerance. Additionally, analyze Wrapped TRON (WTRX) price trends and patterns to find the best time to purchase WTRX.

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