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About QKC

The QuarkChain Network is a permissionless blockchain architecture that aims to meet global commercial standards. It aims to provide a secure, decentralized, and scalable blockchain solution to deliver 100,000+ on-chain TPS. The main features of the QuarkChain Network are:Flexibility: QuarkChain is a public chain that can support multiple consensuses, multiple transaction models ( including virtual machines VMs), ledger, and token economics in one network. It can reportedly adapt to blockchain innovations by customizing consensus, transaction model (including VM), ledger, and token economics in each shard so that to satisfy different requirements of different industries/enterprises/DApps. The network supports two consensus algorithms, PoW and PoSW ( a combination of PoS+ PoW). More consensus algorithms (DPoS, PoS and etc) will be added into different shards in the future. It is EVM-compatible - every DApp deployed on Ethereum can be deployed in QuarkChain. The team plans to add more virtual machines (e.g. EOS VM) in different shards so that developers have more choices.Scalability: QuarkChain aims to deliver 100,000+ on-chain TPS. Currently, 55000+ peak TPS has already been achieved in TPS competition held within the communityDecentralization: QuarkChain has a two-layered structure and encourages individual miners with different levels of capability to mine directly without joining mining pools. People can choose to mine either in the root chain or in the shard.Great Usability: QuarkChain supports Native token which enables each shard to have its own tokeneconomics. It also supports scalable cross-shard transactions. Only one account is required to access entire resources in all shards, and smart wallets simplify the management.

QuarkChain (QKC) is a cryptocurrency launched in 2018. QKC has a current supply of 10.00Bn with 6.98Bn in circulation. The last known price of QKC is 0.012988601891 USD and is 0.0006183045 over the last 24 hours. It is currently trading on active market(s) with $6.43M traded over the last 24 hours. More information can be found at https://quarkchain.io/.

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QKC Price Statistics
QKC’s Price Today
24h Price Change
24h Volume
24h Low / 24h High
$0.00931825 / $0.00967017
Volume / Market Cap
Market Dominance
Market Rank
QKC Market Cap
Market Cap
Fully Diluted Market Cap
QKC Price History
7d Low / 7d High
$0.00823721 / $0.009688
All-Time High
$4.88Apr 25, 2021
All-Time Low
$0.00136476Mar 13, 2020
QKC Supply
Circulating Supply
Total Supply
Max Supply
Updated Apr 21, 2024 7:10 pm
Mkt Cap $90.69M
There's nothing here for now

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is QuarkChain (QKC) a Good Investment?

    Here are some benefits of adding QKC to your crypto portfolio:QuarkChain’s Innovative Technology QuarkChain's unique two-layered blockchain structure and sharding technology address critical issues like scalability, security, and decentralization. This innovative approach could lead to increased adoption and success.One of QuarkChain's primary advantages is its high transaction throughput, which is made possible by its sharding mechanism. This scalability could make it a preferred platform for developers and businesses requiring high-performance blockchain solutions.QuarkChain allows for customizable blockchain solutions, where different shards can implement different consensus mechanisms and ledger models. This flexibility could appeal to a wide range of users and use cases.QuarkChain’s EVM Compatibility QuarkChain’s EVM compatibility feature makes it easier for developers to migrate existing Ethereum applications to QuarkChain or create new applications, potentially expanding its ecosystem.Potential for Mainstream Adoption QuarkChain's scalability and flexibility make it suitable for various applications, including finance, IoT, AI, and gaming, which could lead to broader adoption and growth.

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  • What Is QuarkChain Price Prediction?

    While we cannot provide a reliable QKC price prediction over any duration, the following factors could help you understand the price movements in QuarkChain crypto: Level of Adoption of QuarkChain Network Increased adoption of the QuarkChain platform for building applications, especially if it includes high-profile or large-scale projects, can drive demand for QKC. Higher usage translates to more transactions, which can positively affect the QuarkChain price.Future Developments in the QuarkChain RoadmapAdvances in QuarkChain’s technology, successful updates, or new features can increase investor confidence, potentially boosting the QKC price. Conversely, delays or problems with network upgrades can negatively impact the QuarkChain value.Announcement of QuarkChain’s Partnerships Strategic partnerships with other companies, blockchain projects, or sectors can enhance QuarkChain's credibility and perceived value, influencing the QKC to USD price.Crypto Market Sentiment General sentiment in the cryptocurrency market can significantly affect the price of QKC. Positive news, adoption stories, and overall bullish sentiment in the crypto space can drive up prices, while negative news or bearish trends can lead to a decline in the price of QuarkChain token.

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  • How to Mine QKC Coin on QuarkChain

    QuarkChain uses sharding technology, meaning its blockchain is divided into multiple shards, each with its own set of transactions and blocks. Different shards may use different consensus mechanisms. They commonly use PoW, but some may implement PoS or other mechanisms.Here’s a step-by-step guide to mining QKC on QuarkChain 1. Research and Compliance: Before starting, ensure you understand the current consensus mechanism used by QuarkChain shards. Check local regulations and ensure compliance with laws regarding cryptocurrency mining in your area.2. Hardware Requirements: For PoW mining, you’ll need suitable hardware. Depending on the shard's requirements, this could be a powerful GPU or CPU. Ensure that your hardware is compatible and powerful enough to mine QKC efficiently.3. Download Mining Software: Download mining software compatible with QuarkChain. You may need to choose software based on the specific shard you plan to mine. Popular mining software like Claymore, PhoenixMiner, or others might have versions or settings suitable for QuarkChain mining.4. Set Up a Wallet: You’ll need a QKC-compatible wallet to receive your mining rewards. Choose a secure wallet, set it up, and ensure it can receive QKC tokens.5. Choose a Mining Pool (Optional): Solo mining can be challenging due to high competition. Joining a mining pool can increase your chances of earning rewards. Research and select a reliable QuarkChain mining pool. Consider factors like pool fees, payout structure, and server location.6. Configure Mining Software: Configure your mining software with your wallet address and chosen mining pool’s information. Adjust settings according to your hardware’s capabilities and the specific requirements of the QuarkChain shard you are mining.7. Start Mining: Once everything is set up, start the mining software. Monitor your mining activity and performance regularly.8. Stay Updated: Keep an eye on QuarkChain updates and changes in consensus mechanisms or shard configurations. Be prepared to update your mining setup accordingly.

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  • Who Are QuarkChain’s Partners?

    QuarkChain’s ecosystem, the Quark Universe, features some leading crypto projects and applications. Members of the QuarkChain ecosystem include Chainlink, Loopring, Celer Network, Ankr, Alchemy Pay, PancakeSwap, and MakerDAO.

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  • What is the all-time high price of QuarkChain (QKC)?

    The all-time high of QKC was 4.88 USD on 2021-04-25, from which the coin is now down 99.73384012518443%. The all-time high price of QuarkChain (QKC) is 4.88. The current price of QKC is down 99.73384012518443% from its all-time high.

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  • How much QuarkChain (QKC) is there in circulation?

    As of , there is currently 6.98Bn QKC in circulation. QKC has a maximum supply of 10.00Bn.

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  • What is the market cap of QuarkChain (QKC)?

    The current market cap of QKC is 90.69M. It is calculated by multiplying the current supply of QKC by its real-time market price of 0.012988601891.

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  • What is the all-time low price of QuarkChain (QKC)?

    The all-time low of QKC was 0.00136476 , from which the coin is now up 851.7132602801958%. The all-time low price of QuarkChain (QKC) is 0.00136476. The current price of QKC is up 851.7132602801958% from its all-time low.

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  • Is QuarkChain (QKC) a good investment?

    QuarkChain (QKC) has a market capitalization of $90.69M and is ranked #471 on CoinMarketCap. The cryptocurrency market can be highly volatile, so be sure to do your own research (DYOR) and assess your risk tolerance. Additionally, analyze QuarkChain (QKC) price trends and patterns to find the best time to purchase QKC.

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