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About PWR

MaxxChain (PWR) is a cryptocurrency launched in 2023. PWR has a current supply of 240.01M with 0 in circulation. The last known price of PWR is 0.003082689536 USD and is -0.000394114107 over the last 24 hours. It is currently trading on active market(s) with $0 traded over the last 24 hours. More information can be found at https://www.maxxchain.org.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What Is MaxxChain?

    MaxxChain is an EVM Layer 1 Proof-of-Work (PoW) blockchain network designed to prioritize decentralization, security, and programmability. It operates on the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM), enabling the creation of complex smart contracts and fostering decentralized application (dApp) development. Born from abandonment, MaxxChain is building its own foundation with commitment to education, collaboration and innovation with a vision to revolutionize the logistics industry using Web3 technologies.

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  • How Many PWR Coins Are There in Circulation and What Is Their Distribution?

    The pre-minted total supply of PWR coins is 1,000,000,000. The distribution is as follows:

    • Over 75% have been burned since chain deployment - several wallets for future use have been eliminated while the team wallet was cut by over 50%
    • 12.5% was initially held in the Treasury wallet for potential VC investments however, the team is burning 1,201,600 PWR each week for 52 weeks to combat the 201,600 PWR that is minted from mining, as well as, an extra 1,000,000 PWR. The team will continue burning at least 201,600 PWR for an addtional 52 weeks.
    • 3% is allocated to the Team wallet, divided among core team members and admins.
    • 3.5% was allocated for OG projects LP and OTC deals.
    • 1% is designated for exchange listings on CEX, DEX, or bridge platforms.
    • 4% was allocated for Phase 1 and 2 presales.
    • 1% serve as a reserve for Nexus token drip rewards in low-volume situations on MaxxChain.
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  • Where Can I Buy PWR Coin?

    PWR coin is available for purchase on Coinstore, a centralized exchange. Additionally, you can acquire PWR coin on the PWRSource Bridge by BlockBlend, which is an anonymous cross-chain bridge within the DeFi ecosystem. The bridge allows users to exchange several top cryptocurrencies for PWR coin. PWR will also soon be available on the Ethereum network as wPWR via fairlaunch on November 14, 2023 which will be backed 1:1 with actual supply of PWR coin.

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  • What Makes MaxxChain Unique?

    MaxxChain's uniqueness lies in its unwavering commitment to decentralization and security. By utilizing the PoW consensus mechanism, MaxxChain ensures that no single entity has control over the network. This guarantees the security and immutability of transactions, making MaxxChain a trustworthy platform for users, developers, and projects. Additionally, MaxxChain fosters an environment for dApp development, enabling innovation and collaboration. It stands out for its dedication to knowledge sharing, ultimately promoting collective growth and blockchain technology adoption.

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  • How Is the MaxxChain Network Secured?

    The MaxxChain network is secured through the PoW consensus mechanism. In this model, miners validate and add transactions to the blockchain, receiving 5 newly minted coins with each successful block mined. To ensure ecosystem sustainability and counterbalance continuous coin minting, MaxxChain implements fees across all on-chain utilities. This practice prevents inflation and maintains a balanced and stable environment. A weekly burn from the Treasury wallet further combats inflation, introducing a deflationary aspect to the PWR coin's supply.

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  • What Kind of Support Is Offered to Users, Projects, and Developers?

    MaxxChain offers comprehensive support to its ecosystem participants. Projects launching on MaxxChain benefit from GemPad's guided launch processes, launchpad and token deployment platforms, pre and post-launch services, presale calculators, token and liquidity lockers, and all-in-one staking platforms. Users, projects, and developers can access a Knowledge Base with resources for all skill levels.

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  • What is the Nexus Token?

    The Nexus Utility Token is a pivotal token within the MaxxChain ecosystem. It serves to provide users with the only way to earn PWR coin rewards through its unique triple reward staking platform. Projects can elect to be included within the staking reward platform providing them with additional marketing opportunities to help grow their project and community. The team also looks to increase community engagement with its Lotto Maxx utility as well as its upcoming IgniteQR reward engagement dashboard.

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  • What Is MaxxChain's Business Model?

    MaxxChain's business model encompasses multiple revenue streams and value-added services. Transaction fees generated within the ecosystem, service fees for projects, and revenue from ad space and promotion contribute to its growth. Overhead costs are kept minimal, optimizing technology infrastructure and utilizing legal and administrative services as needed. Collaborations with strategic partners may involve financial commitments and joint investments to support ecosystem expansion.

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  • What Is MaxxChain's Marketing and Sales Strategy?

    MaxxChain's marketing and sales strategy focus on targeted marketing campaigns, community engagement, and strategic partnerships through its dedication to educational content development on all social platforms. Weekly Twitter Spaces such as "Knowledge is PWR" and "Discovering MaxxChain" are the beginning of MaxxChain's road to success. These efforts aim to drive adoption and awareness within the cryptocurrency and blockchain space, ensuring the ecosystem's success and growth.

    Additionally, MaxxChain aims to leverage blockchain technologies to modernize logistics, providing security, transparency, and decentralization for improved efficiency and reduced costs - an effort that will be highly advertised among the industries showcasing the potential of Web3 integration into real world use cases.

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  • What is the all-time high price of MaxxChain (PWR)?

    The all-time high of PWR was 0 USD on 1970-01-01, from which the coin is now down 0%. The all-time high price of MaxxChain (PWR) is 0. The current price of PWR is down 0% from its all-time high.

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  • How much MaxxChain (PWR) is there in circulation?

    As of , there is currently 0 PWR in circulation. PWR has a maximum supply of 0.

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  • What is the market cap of MaxxChain (PWR)?

    The current market cap of PWR is 0. It is calculated by multiplying the current supply of PWR by its real-time market price of 0.003082689536.

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  • What is the all-time low price of MaxxChain (PWR)?

    The all-time low of PWR was 0 , from which the coin is now up 0%. The all-time low price of MaxxChain (PWR) is 0. The current price of PWR is up 0% from its all-time low.

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  • Is MaxxChain (PWR) a good investment?

    MaxxChain (PWR) has a market capitalization of $0 and is ranked #3602 on CoinMarketCap. The cryptocurrency market can be highly volatile, so be sure to do your own research (DYOR) and assess your risk tolerance. Additionally, analyze MaxxChain (PWR) price trends and patterns to find the best time to purchase PWR.

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